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The only small, sturdy Micro Prong collar

hand made in the U.S.A.


Formerly manufactured in Minnesota by Sylvia's Tack Box, the Micro Prong is now hand crafted in rural Washington state by Kimberland Collars.  

Since the 1970's, the Micro Prong has  been considered the training collar of choice for small and toy breeds who pull heavily on the leash.  Featuring much smaller prongs than standard size collars, it fits petite dogs correctly, elevates most of the collar off of the neck, and eliminates uneven pressure. The benefits are extraordinary. The Micro Prong discourages pulling, encourages togetherness, and eliminates the need for any 'corrections' of the dog by the handler.

Not only do owners of diminutive dogs love this special collar; it has become a favorite of those with larger dogs as well.  With added links, it's perfect fit and smooth operation is exceptionally well suited for dogs of considerable size, particularly those with short, sleek coats.

As dog trainers and machinists, we are proud to make our collars by dog people, for dog people and guaranteed for the life of your Best Friend.  We assemble each collar individually, by hand in the U.S.A, using the same traditional tools and artisan process that made the Micro Prong a standard of professional trainers, canine competitors and loving pet owners worldwide.

Good leash manners save dog lives every day.  


Our one and only desire is to help dogs and families stay together by producing an exceptional training collar that helps one safely and easily teach dogs to walk nicely on leash, effectively eliminating the #1 reason dogs are surrendered to shelters . 


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— Featuring the smallest prong size in the world, at less than 2 cm long, the Micro Prong is the ideal aide for those mighty little pullers who don't know yet how well they can walk on leash.
— Stainless steel alloy design and artisan handcrafting results in a collar that is strong, meticulously made, and legendary for its resistance to either bending or losing its finely tuned shape.
— Elevating the majority of the collar off the neck and trachea makes the Micro Prong an outstanding alternative to martingales, choke chains, and other slip collars that slide down the neck.
— This collar encourages the dog to move voluntarily away from any pressure, creating slack in the leash and motivation to walk comfortably beside the handler without needing 'corrections.'
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Three collar styles for the perfect fit:

The Original Micro Prong, the Ultra Micro Prong, and the Duro Micro Prong