We support working dogs and wildlife.

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes to fund the KBDs.


The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife's Karelian Bear Dog Team is the only program established in the U.S. to resolve conflicts between humans and bears in a non-lethal manner.  With the help of these dogs, problem bears are humanely captured and released back into the wilderness, instead of routinely euthanized.  The Karelian Bear Dogs (KBD) are a vital part of the WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) team, yet financial support for them  is not included in our state budget.  As a result, the program is funded entirely by donations from the public.

At Kimberland, we know that dogs who have meaningful jobs are happy dogs. That's why a portion of all Kimberland collar sales proceeds go to fund the  WDFW KBDs, who work year round to keep problem bears and cougars out of our neighborhoods.

Meet the 2018 Karelian Bear Dog Team.

  Mishka (Ret.), Spencer, Colter, Cash, Indy & Savute (Ret.) 

These Karelian Bear Dogs assist officers responding to hundreds of problem bear (and cougar) complaints each year.  The KBDs are effective at tracking and treeing nuisance bears in all kinds of weather and terrain.  Treed animals are then tranquilized, removed, and 'hard released' with KBD support back into the wilderness, far away from people, with an incentive not to come back.  This method saves both people and wildlife, and boasts an 80% relocation success rate.

In addition to their work in the field, the KBD team provides education, presentations, and information year round to school children, community groups and the public. 

Thank you for supporting Kimberland Collars

& the WDFW Karelian Bear Dog Team. 

Saving dogs.  Saving bears.  Saving people.